A Temple In Indiana

This weekend I enjoyed the semi-annual General Conference of the LDS church. During this bi-yearly event the leaders, including the apostles and prophet, speak on a variety of topics such as faith, charity and strengthening family.  While this instruction was fabulous (I took 17 pages of notes!), the most exciting moment of the weekend was the Saturday announcement by President Monson of 5 new temples- one in Indianapolis, Indiana! As all blog readers know I served my mission in Indiana from 2003-2005.  I loved my mission but it was a huge purifying experience physically, mentally and spiritually.   For once in my life I left nothing on the table.  I worked as hard as I possibly could, and found everyone I needed to find.  It may sound cheesy but I left a part of myself on the streets of Indiana- my blood, sweat, tears and prayers.   Sometimes I wonder if I could do it again?  I really don’t know. It was an amazing experience and completely worth it to bring souls to the gospel but it was very difficult.

With my sacrifice and that of many more, the work has continued to grow in the great Hoosier state; however, I was skeptical a temple would ever be built because of the many temples in surrounding states- 2 in Illinois, 1 in Michigan, 1 in Ohio and 1 in Kentucky. To my delight with the faith of the Saints and the work of the missionaries the need for a temple in Indiana could not be denied.  They have not announced when construction will begin or where the temple will be built but if you are interested you can see updates at http://indianapolistemple.com/.  I am so excited!

It’s overwhelming for me to think of the increased missionary work and the blessings that will come to the great people of  Indiana with a temple nearby.  I struggle with the words to describe my emotions.  I am so happy!  I remember one time in Angola walking in the snow, my feet near frostbitten, and thinking “this will be worth it someday.” I’ve had many days when it was “worth it” including each time I felt a connection with the people I served with.  Since I came home my mission has continued to be a daily motivating factor in my life.  Whenever I face something difficult or challenging I know I can do it because I finished my mission.  I know the Lord will help me and that my life is important to His work.  When President Monson made the Indiana temple announcement, Saturday became another “worth it” day!

Here are some photos of the mission…


One of my favorite photos of Sister Meyer, Servito and me.Btw- I wore this sweater set like everyday- thank you Lands End!




Here I am in the memorial in the center of Indianapolis



Me and my most special comp Sister Julia Graves



Got to love Indiana corn!



Sister Servito and I spent weeks tracting in the Angola snow



Me and my wonderful trainer Sister Hamill- she put up with a lot! I was really prideful.



my favorite mission photo because it was Kris Warnock's baptism on the day after Christmas and such a special companionship (Notice the pink sweater again!)



6 thoughts on “A Temple In Indiana

  1. So amazing huh! I am so excited to have a temple there. My mission was one of the hardest experiences ever. I wonder if I went back now if I would know better how to do my job. If I would know what to say. We had a few of those amazing experiences. We had a baptism for Christmas as well. In South Bend. I still talk to her today. I have SEVERAL that i have on my facebook that never joined the church but are forever a part of me.

    SLY! I am so glad you posted those pictures.

    1. Wow! The most speedy comment I’ve ever had! I’m glad you ended with SLY. Its funny how a saying like “Sure love ya” is unique to our mission.
      It is so awesome that you keep in touch with your contacts. I have a few that I do but I must admit to loosing contact with most. People move, change emails, phone numbers. I just pray for them and have confidence that Heavenly Father will take care of them.

    1. Seriously. I think we should just get a bus, fill it with Indiana RMs and drive up to the dedication. That would be awesome.

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