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Yesterday I went to my free trainer session at my gym.  Fortunately my trainer is awesome, thoughtful and understanding (she is a former overweight girl herself).  I felt great about our session until today when my entire body hurt- and when I say entire, I mean just that.  Unfortunately for me she gave me an assignment to replicate the work out every day except Sunday and then meet and report on Monday.  I’m not exaggerating when I say every muscle in my body revolted against mere movement today, let alone exercise.   However, knowing my body lies, I forced myself to the gym and did the routine.  Then I suffered 2o minutes on the exercise bike.  My face was red, my body ached like it was being tortured and I felt ready to pass out but I made it through.  Now I am writing this post full of ibuprofen and smelling strongly of bengay but I’m proud of myself.  I did it and it was really hard.

In an effort to NOT think about tomorrow’s exercise I have an exciting proposition.  Since I started to change my life, I have been trying different cookbooks on healthy eating from the library with limited success.  I did find one that had a cool recipe for pork chops with roasted grapes (sounds weird but it was great!) Most of the recipes have been either stuffed with lame substitutes (cool whip is no whip cream), or are completely lacking in flavor.

Here’s my idea…I am going to have a healthy recipe contest.  Anyone can enter by sending me a healthy recipe via email to  This can be baking, cooking, grilling whatever but please make it a recipe you have actually tried.  Do not simply google “healthy fried chicken recipe”.  I would particularly love recipes that mimic or satisfy cravings for comfort foods.  These recipes do not have to be “quick cooking foods”.  In fact the more ambitious the better! Some examples of healthy recipes I would love are:

fried chicken or chicken fingers


spaghetti and meatballs (I would love a great healthy meatball recipe)



french toast (breakfast food in general is a real craving)

snack foods

fettuccine alfredo (Italian food would be great)

thanksgiving food (turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing etc)

chicken and noodles

chili and cornbread

grilled cheese and soup

thai food

lemon chicken

wheat bread/rolls

quesedilla (or other interesting latin food)

gourmet salads

homemade ice cream

cookies (chocolate chip are a favorite)



indian food


gourmet sandwiches


pies (especially lemon meringue would be a thrill)

The recipes you send can be variations of traditional dishes.  (Such as lemon mirengue pudding instead of pie).  Please include the source for recipe if received from a cookbook or magazine (also add the nutritional information if it comes with).  I have a traditionally stocked kitchen with stick blender, blender, kitchenaid mixer,  food processor and george foreman grill.  I do not currently have a waffle iron or souffle pan.

Once I have tested the recipes (might take a while- sorry) I will declare a winner and he/she will receive:

$20 gift card to Williams Sonoma. (that’s right!  If there are 2 great recipes I may have a second place prize).

Instant fame with the recipe publication on my blog (I know its a big prize!)  🙂

Consider your efforts to send recipes as your piece in my eventual fitness puzzle.  Just think of it-  someday you can see the stunning skinny me and think “thank you, I had a part in that gorgeous woman!”  Seriously, it would be a big help and I am keenly grateful in advance.  Happy cooking!


7 thoughts on “Healthy Recipe Contest

  1. I totally know the frustration of finding good food that’s also healthy. Here’s some ideas:

    I subscribe to Hungry Girl She has great low cal/low fat recipes…love the daily emails.

    I also worked on the show Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander. She makes the healthy versions of all the fast food stuff. My favorite is her pizza It tastes like the real Pizza Hut thing. Check out her other recipes on there too. If you are interested in any of them, let me know and I’ll let you know if I think they taste good. (I’ve tried most her stuff).

    Pancakes, I like the Harvest Grain n Nut from IHOP. YOu can check out my knock off recipe here:

    Thai – you could always make “Healthy Rolls”…I don’t have a recipe, but I know they are “healthy”

    Good Luck!

    ps, I was reading my journal recently from college and I was reading about the summer of 1999…you, Megan and I hung out a lot!


    1. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely have to try those sites out. Summer of 1999 was my first one at BYU. Its funny because I remember doing more with you and Casi the following year. For instance, I still remember when you made brownies without eggs and you were like “I figured it would work!”.
      I also remember when Casi came to my apartment after Lisa died and forced me to get out of the house (I was pretty sad). She took me to Olive Garden and paid despite my protests. Funny the things you remember.

  2. Just so everyone knows it doesn’t have to be a recipe from the above list. It can be anything that is healthy (or healthier) and is good.

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