Day: June 17, 2010

Writing Class

One of my chief enjoyments of this blog has been the weekly opportunity it gives me to hone my writing skills.  I still have a long way to go but I’ve seen a lot of improvement over the last two years of blogging (crazy that it has been going on that long!).  Naturally I also worked on my writing during my years of schooling writing papers and other presentations.  As I’ve mentioned previously on this blog, writing and reading have not always been easy for me.  Growing up I was late at both skills and felt behind until college where something clicked inside my brain and writing/reading became a joy.  I have been a journal writer from a young age (which helped prepare me for blogging) and it is amazing to look at the difference between writing at 17 years old and 19.  It feels like 10 years difference not 2.

The one area I have never worked much on is fiction.  I took a poetry class in college but nothing in creative writing or fiction.   This is surprising because I’ve often day-dreamed about writing the next great American novel.  So many of the characters I loved growing up were writers (Joe March, Anne Shirley etc) and it always seemed like something exciting and fulfilling.

As I have also mentioned I am not traveling much this summer- just a reunion and a trip to CA to visit Megan.  I am doing this to save money so if it feels right I can make a down payment on a condo next year.  (I am missing Hawaii so much!  I will definitely go next year.  Maybe even for my 30th birthday- anyone want to come along?  It’s January 23rd).  Anyway, with more time this summer I thought it would be fun to take a creative writing class.  It is through the UVU Continuing Education department and only cost $60 for a 6 week course.  This Tuesday we had week 3 lessons on plot, subplots and more.  Our teacher is named Sharon Jarvis- a local LDS author that has published 8 books.

I’ve learned a lot through the course and am glad I registered; however, the greatest benefit is it has gotten me writing.  Tuesday I read the introduction to my book to the class and got a lot of positive feedback.  Driving up to the reunion I read the first 2 chapters to my mom, Madi and Grandpa and they really liked it too.  This has been encouraging to say the least.  The book I am writing is a chick-lit type book that is loosely based on my experiences quitting my old job.  I have switched things around and added a romance but the core person is basically me.  Right now I’ve even given the character my name.  I just can’ t think of a better name.

I am writing for fun and  am not going to publish my book; Nevertheless,  I am greatly enjoying writing it.  Once I have more completed I will post it and get feedback.

By the way, my sister Megan has already finished a young adult book she is currently editing and a picture book for kids.  I admire her devotion to daily writing despite her busy life with 3 little girls.  You can read about her writing at  Check it out.

I always wanted to be a writer like Jo March in Little Women