Nothing Unexpected

A few weeks ago my friend Camille did a blog posting entitled Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me.  I have thought about this entertaining post for a while and wondered what my ten items would be.  To be honest, I can hardly think of anything that would surprise my friends.  I guess I am a pretty out-in-the-open person.  Most of my friends know what I like to do, my weird quirks, and my other interests and likes.  I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing?  Maybe I am the kind of person that is reliably simple.  I have never been a big dreamer.  A friend of mine has this bucket list of things she wants to do in life such as visit every state and read the “1000 Must Read Before You Die” books.

I never did.  The only thing I have passionately wanted to do since I was a little girl was graduate from BYU- and I did that nearly 8 years ago.   Yes, I’ve wanted to to get married, have a family and contribute to society for most of my life; however, I was never specific about what type of family, home or career I want.  I knew that I wanted to be dynamic and interesting- make a difference in the world.   For the most part I think I have done that but even today I do not have specific things that I dream about doing or secret surprises about my life.  I don’t know why, I just don’t?  Does that make sense?

The fact that I can’t come up with a bucket list or even a list of surprising things makes me wonder if I am the dynamic, interesting person I wanted to be.  On the other hand, if the world knows your interesting then  does that make you any less interesting?I don’t think so.  I like my life.  For the most part, I am happy and content.

In the end, I can only live my life in the best way I know how. Whether it surprises others is out of my control.

So, here are a few things that are interesting about me.  If a few surprise you all the better.

1. I enjoy jazz music.  I just recently downloaded a singer called Jimmy Scott, and he is amazing.  My new favorite.  Here is one of his songs.  What a voice! He had a genetic abnormality that made his voice never mature.  I think it is beautiful.

01 Anchored By My Side

05 An Evening In Paradise

2. I hate tomato juice.  V8.  Yuck!

3. I am a cheese snob.I hate Velveeta, cheese singles wrapped in plastic, nacho cheese…you get the idea.

4.  My favorite flowers are lilies and orchids. (flowers welcome anytime!) I love pink and purple.

5. I am foodie and have recently become a huge fan of Julia Child. (More to come on that later).

6. I’ve had 3 surgeries in my life.

7. I went to the principal’s office twice growing up, both times were in middle school. Both times over silly things.

8. I occasionally like to watch a cheesy romantic movie on lifetime or hallmark channel- especially with a good friend like Camille.

9. There are more times than I would care to admit that I have almost purchased stuff from an infomercial.  Somehow I always stop myself.

10. I am the one person in my family that is not a good photographer.  I can’t seem to keep the camera steady enough.

11. I think most handicrafts are really dull- sewing, knitting, quilting, even scrapbooking…not for me.

12. I enjoy wrapping presents.  I used to hate it but now it is one of my favorite parts of buying a present.

13. I wish I had a pen pal that I could write juicy, rich, letters to. Sadly I must be happy with my blog.

14. I love kitchen appliances and already have a food processor, kitchenaid mixer, stick mixer, toaster, rice cooker, electric fondue pot, electric tea pot, and crockpot.

15.  I dream of having a nice kitchen with beautiful french pots and knives that really do slice a tomato a centimeter thin with ease.

16.  I want to go to England some day and take the Jane Austen book tour, see all the sights from the movies and her life (and Elizabeth Gaskell while I am at it).  Then I want to take the chunnel and go to Paris for another week visiting the art, cafes, bridges and markets.

17. I hold onto grudges way longer than I should.  For instance, when I think back to my high school choir teacher I still feel a little upset. Silly I know, but she was evil.

18.  I wish I could have nice furniture, clothes, purses and shoes. In reality, I probably couldn’t justify the expenses even if I had the money but a girl can fantasize.

19. If I had money I would install a year round infinity pool in my house.

20. I have a Dwight bobblehead that smiles at me while I work.  My friends gave it to me with love and excitement.  In an odd way it reminds me that I am loved and to laugh at life.

Please make some comments.  Let me know how surprising your life is…

14 thoughts on “Nothing Unexpected

    1. Yes, I did. I loved the Julia Child parts but not the Julie Powell. It makes sense because I loved Julia Child’s book but hated Julie Powells. Even so, I liked the movie-version of Julie Powell better than the real life version in the book. (For starters, she certainly had a cleaner mouth in the movie!).
      Thanks for making a comment!

  1. great list, rach. and i think it’s more important to be happy with who you are and what you love than concerned with having big time goals to push toward (though i struggle with all those same things, sheesh)

    did you know i was a rodeo queen in high school? or that my first kiss was an african man (yes, man – i was 19, he was 28) named norman?

    how’s that for surprising?!

    1. I did know about the rodeo queen but not the African thing! Scandal!
      This just proves that your surprising list would be much more surprising than mine.
      I must confess that you are the friend I was referring to that had the bucket list. I love that you are a dreamer and full of surprises.

  2. That was fun to read about Rachel…even though I knew most of it already 🙂 And I still say that the Dwight bobblehead was one of my favorite presents to give…ever! I was as excited for you to open it as you were! Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks.

    1. I knew they wouldn’t surprise you or any of my other friends/family.

      I guess when it comes down to it I’m not a big fan of surprises- so no wonder my life isn’t very surprising!

      Can’t wait to see you too. It’s goona be a special weekend.

  3. If you want to invest in some excellent kitchen knives (#15), save up to purchase a set of Cutco knives. They are the best there is. You can’t buy them in stores, only through sales people; sometimes they have booths at fairs. Although they’re expensive, they are a lifetime investment. They will literally last a lifetime, and if they ever need sharpening or repair you just send them back to the company and they fix them for free. I LOVE my Cutco knives, as my Mom loves hers and my sisters love theirs (and my Grandma too)! In fact, after Cutco, I really hate whwn I have to use anyone else’s knives because they don’t hold a candle to mine.

    I am also a cheese snob…I guess I’m a knife snob too, huh?

    Most people who don’t know me super well are surprised to find out that my husband is the only man I’ve ever kissed.

    I suppose I don’t dream too big because I am more of a realist than an idealist, and I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. Though I would love to travel the world and do all sorts of other cool things, they are not things I must do before I die. I like to remind myself that all the joy and adventure I really need to be happy can be found right here at home, through my family…and good reading.

    1. Well said. Some of my happiest moments have been hanging out with family and friends playing games and just talking.
      Have you read anything good lately? I have finished all of Elizabeth Gaskell’s books and am hungry for a replacement author.
      Thanks for the tip on the knives. I will definitely check it out.

  4. 10 things rachel doesn’t know about me (this will be really really hard)
    1. one of my favorite flowers are snap dragons
    2. I dislike having dreams, even good ones
    3. I refuse to eat lamb or deer for no good reason at all
    4. italian food is generally my least favorite (after american) which is funny since it’s your fav
    5. I’ve never stopped enjoying a good episode of Sailor Moon haha
    6. I have a fear of tripping on the sidewalk, falling down and knocking my teeth out
    7. mustard is my favorite condiment
    8. my favorite colors are blue, chocolate brown, silver and white
    9. I love falling waters by frank lloyd wright
    10. I aspire to be like my sister Rachel! And I would really love to go on a mission!

    how did I do?

    1. Thanks Anna. I am so lucky to have you as my sister.

      A few of these things did surprise me.

      1. one of my favorite flowers are snap dragons- didn’t know that. I love snap dragons!
      2. I dislike having dreams, even good ones- why? Didn’t know that.
      3. I refuse to eat lamb or deer for no good reason at all. Knew that. Better not go to Greece!
      4. italian food is generally my least favorite (after american) which is funny since it’s your fav. I knew you weren’t a huge pizza person but didn’t know about Italian
      5. I’ve never stopped enjoying a good episode of Sailor Moon haha- Never seen it! At least you aren’t into Pokemon!
      6. I have a fear of tripping on the sidewalk, falling down and knocking my teeth out. I’m that way about the stairs. It reminds me of my mission when Sister Graves fell and said “I’m falling, I’m falling, I’m falling!”
      7. mustard is my favorite condiment. Knew that. I think it is the family favorite. What’s your favorite kind?
      8. my favorite colors are blue, chocolate brown, silver and white- didn’t know about silver and white. Are these your favorite colors for clothes, decorating, everything?
      9. I love falling waters by frank lloyd wright- me too. Do you like modern design in general.
      10. I aspire to be like my sister Rachel! And I would really love to go on a mission! Thanks. This means a lot. It would be my greatest accomplishment if you younger kids went on missions.
      You are wonderful. I love you so much.

      1. oh and yes and in answer to your questions! I LOVE Modern design as well as Arts and Crafts! also those colors are just my favorite colors- not really for anything specific. I like so many different types of mustard!
        and the other day I tried lamb for the first time.. actually that’s a lie… I ate the sauce it was in and avoided the meat still.. I didn’t like it.

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