An Inspirational Video- America’s Got Talent

I know that shows like America’s Got Talent are built to tug at your heart strings, but in this case it worked.  What a beautiful voice and a hidden talent.  I have been on cruises before and the talent is a joke.  To think they passed up on this star.  It inspires me to keep on singing.  Think how much potential there is in all of us if we would just encourage one another, and believe in ourselves.  Amazing!

So often in life it feels like the good guy’s don’t ever get a fair shake- that only those with enough money or pizazz are able to make a difference.  Here is an example of a quiet, sincere woman who never gave up on herself, who never stopped trying.  In a world that rarely has room for the humble voice, that is inspiring!

Will write more later but I wanted to share this with all of you.  It made me cry!  Life is good for the moment.  I don’t know what exactly changed but I feel at peace with things.  I have done what I can and now I just have to let the situation develop.  That’s all I can do- work hard and pray. Thanks for all of your continuing support!


5 thoughts on “An Inspirational Video- America’s Got Talent

  1. Decided to come visit your site after you left a comment on mine.

    LDS missionaries turned me on to America’s Got Talent. For a couple of years, I was known as “missionary Grandma.” Sadly, the missionaries got moved into a private home. It was always fun to see them dash off each morning at 10:00 on their bicycles.

    A friend of mine with a B&B in Vermont turned it into a wedding destination. Me thinks you have a romantic personality coupled with a business sense. . .those couples married at the B&B came back for future events. . .including the family reunions y’all enjoy.

    1. Thanks for your comment and compliments. I do fancy myself a romantic! How cool that Kari’s sister commented on your blog! I also think it is funny that the missionaries turned you onto AGT. They shouldn’t have been watching TV but I will let that slide! My mission was in Indiana and it was an amazing experience. We lived with someone for 6 months in Indianapolis (in her basement apartment) and it was awesome. Hard work but awesome.
      Look forward to conversing over our blogs in the future! Please don’t hesitate to make comments.
      BTW, We have had tons of requests for weddings but the main problem is parking space. There is none up there. If we could figure a way around that it would be perfect…

  2. Ok. I am so mad they dismissed Kari today in the first group without even giving her a chance. I honestly don’t think I am going to watch anymore- so lame.

    1. My hunch is that Simon Cowell is going to bring Kari back in the last night of this round. Did you see the TODAY show piece on Susan Boyle this morning?

      She’s being featured in HARPER’s BAZAAR, and she looks sensational!

      I cannot fathom Simon being stupid enough to pass up an opportunity to create a Susan Boyle redo in the US.

      BTW, watching AGT was the missionaries’ reward for kicking serious behind ~ they had to hit their metrics or they weren’t allowed to watch. I also gave them steak dinners each time they had a baptism. They called me “missionary Grandma.”

      My sister is LDS, and it was my way of paying back the kindness her sons experienced during their missions.

      As for your parking issues for weddings, can you do valet??? Is there a lot nearby that you can purchase to park the cars???

      Alternatively, can you create a niche for people who want an intimate wedding ~ in other words ~ they have a tight budge but still want an amazing experience???

      1. What a great comment. I served my mission in Indiana and people like you made it all worth it. I can think of so many times when we were exhausted and maybe a little discouraged and a home cooked meal made everything feel better. Thanks for all you do. Really.
        I kind of wonder if they will bring Kari back. It would be very dramatic for TV. I still think it is kind of disrespectful and inconsistent, but it is a television show more than it is a reality competition.
        We have thought about valet parking or using a shuttle but honestly we haven’t needed to pursue weddings. We have been able to keep the homes full without it. The frustrating thing for me is when people tell us they won’t park cars on the street and then do it anyway. It’s like they are daring us to say something. I don’t like to be lied to by people.
        Things are changing so fast in my job. It looks like we are renting 2 of the homes as long-term rentals and then keeping 2 (one in Draper, one in Alpine) as vacation rentals. This was stressful at first because I thought I was losing my job, but I now realize it is the beginning of new opportunities. I now kind of have 4 jobs. Plus, I get to start real estate school having rented 2 homes in a neighborhood with lots of other homes for rent. It’s been a wild couple of months but I am excited for everything. It feels right.
        Ok. This is the longest comment in history…!

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