All Worn Out

Do you ever have one of those days when you could fit the descriptions in a Zoloft ad? I had such a day today.  Now don’t get worked up- I am fine.  It is all because I worked hard Saturday and Sunday, so Monday I feel exhausted and a little irritable. It is days like these that I am glad I live alone- although my poor sister Anna had to listen to me vent for about 10 minutes this evening. (Thanks Anna).  There were little things that irked me today but really I don’t even have a good reason for feeling irritable. I just do.   As my family knows there are three things that make me cranky- hunger, fatigue, and pushy/bossy people.

I hate it when people try to tell me what to do- especially when my idea is perfectly valid.   It was one of the greatest challenges of my mission to be told what to do all the time.  On a mission you are told when to eat, what to eat, how to dress, what to say, everything…Plus, you are told most of this by 19 year old boys and I was a college graduate on the mission.  I have always had a prideful streak in me and although I have tempered it a lot in the last few years every once in a while it flares up.  I like to try things out for myself.  I hate being told how to live my life, plan an activity, lead a group or pretty much anything else.  Does that drive any of you crazy?  Probably not!

I did get to have some fun today.  First of all I  enjoyed the hot tub at one of the houses. That helped me relax a lot. In fact, I may have relaxed too much! I reread one of my favorite books Mama’s Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes. I read all 147 pages in one hot tub sitting. After I got out I realized I had been in there for 2 hours! This was probably a stupid thing for me to do but it did relax me after a very stressful weekend. I needed lots of water and lotion after that!

There is something about working Saturday and Sunday that is grueling. On Saturday I cleaned one of the houses, purchased food for an event, cooked the food so I wouldn’t have to cook much on Sunday, and then went home and crashed. Then Sunday I went to church and up to the event where I did more cooking, serving, and cleaning. Again, it was all great- just exhausting. So, as a result today I felt tired and a crabby. I found myself getting annoyed by people I should have ignored, situations I would usually ignore, and other silly things like how messy my apartment is.  I even felt frustrated at 24 and the Tony Almaeda plot (how can they make him undead, evil, good and then evil again in one season! It’s too much!).  I had to stop watching Glenn Beck because I was getting too fired up.  Oh well, don’t we all have those days…. Please tell me we all have those days!

Well, excuse the above rant.  I suppose we are all entitled to one every now and then.  Don’t get me wrong- I love my life.  I love my job.  It’s just one of those days.  So, I am off to bed and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.



3 thoughts on “All Worn Out

  1. Yes, everyone has those days.

    Hunger and fatigue make me very cranky too. Also, cluttered and/or dirty surroundings (in fact, I can’t go to bed unless the house is spic and span because otherwise I will start the next day off in a bad mood). I also hate people telling me how to live my life…especially politicians and bureaucrats!

    1. I know. Could you believe that news conference? What a scripted joke. I mean asking the president if he is enchanted? Come on. They asked the Miss USA a harder question than that!

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