The Best Weekend Ever

Isn’t it funny how the simplest of things can make  for a great couple of days? This weekend has been wonderful.

To begin with I had the best week of work I have ever had- with 15 reservations including people who reserved more than one house! In addition, I have also gained a new real estate client, put in a bid for an event, and worked a Grabber event on Saturday.   It was busy but so profitable!  The cool part is while I was gone they got 1 reservation.  This week I get 15- that certainly makes a girl feel needed!

Another great thing about this week is that I got to spend time with tons of friends starting with one of my best friends  Melissa Noyes (we went to dinner on Wednesday).  Then I also had phone conversations with Raelene Bradley (who I just stayed with) and Julia Graves (who I saw in December).  I also made a new friend named Sunnie  in my ward this week and we got together with another girl named Bonnie for games on Tuesday, which was fun.

So I was already riding on a great week when the weekend came.  To begin with on Friday I had a wonderful conversation with my sisters Anna and Megan, which is always a highlight of my week.  This was particularly special because Friday was Megan’s birthday.  We are exactly 2 years and 2 weeks apart (you can bet we had combined birthday parties growing up much to my youthful chagrin!).  I wish I could have been there for her birthday but it was nice to chat-as it always is.  There is definitely no one I would rather talk to in the world than my mother and my sisters.

After the phone calls I went and met my friend Miriam for an afternoon movie.  We saw Slumdog Millionaire, which I loved.  I know it is rated R, but I felt that it was one of the most beautiful and hopeful movies I have seen in a long time.  In a way it does paint a brutal depiction of poverty (which earns the R) but in another way it maintains the feeling that hope, peace and love are within reach to any one- no matter their situation.  The lead character remains remarkably innocent despite all that he has to deal with in his life.  The feel and look of the movie was like nothing I have ever seen.  Just beautiful.   When I compare it to the Dark Knight, which left me feeling dark and gloomy despite its PG-13 there is no comparison. At least that is my rationalization right there.  I really enjoyed seeing the movie.

After the movie Miriam and I went to lunch and talked for a good hour about work, family, life and of course the movie.  She is such a terrific friend who I have known for over 7 years. We just have a connection of friendship and understanding that is great.  We think the same way about most everything.  Next to sitting with my sisters, there is nothing better than talking with good friends like Miriam.

Once I got home I had a few hours to work (where I got a reservation- thank you).  Then a group of my friends came over for a belated Birthday party- Sarah Creer, Megan Steinberg, Emily Hancock, Adrienne Jensen and Melanie Bush.  We had a great time eating yummy cupcakes that Melanie brought (thank you Melanie’s mom.  They were really good!).  This was  group of friends from all over my life but we jelled well together and had a great time talking and eating cupcakes.  Plus, Sarah and Megan got me a flirty apron which I really wanted.   Check out the website  I know it is lame to say but they really are so cute! The only thing missing from our little group was Camille who is currently stuck down in Mexican Hat.  Next year hopefully we will all be a group again.

It was just a simple gathering of friends but it made me feel very loved.  The whole day made me feel loved and special.  Indeed, I am special to have such amazing people in my life. I have often thought I must have done something great in the heavens to be deserving of such wonderful people that surround me.  I think of people who are lonely, who don’t have friends or close family, and I count my blessings.

So, clearly I was having a great weekend. Then Saturday happened.  We had a Grabber event in the morning.  It was at the Romp to Stomp charity snowshoeing race near Park City.  For the event we gave out free warmers and encouraged the racers. (It is kind of like a 5k run but with snowshoes).  I am counting this as my day of service for the month even though technically I was paid for manning the booth.  Still, it felt like serving the community and it was a lot of fun (even though it was early in the morning.  You have to admire those snowshoers for starting a race at 9:00 am!). While working I got to spend time with my Uncle Jim, who is my lifesaver, and my good friend Jodi Evans, who was my best friend while getting my MBA.

For the rest of the day I worked on reservations and got 2 people checked into the houses (or I should say Jim got 2 people checked into the houses).  When 6:30 rolled around I actually..hold your breath..had a date.  I must admit that I asked a certain guy out and we had a great time.  The cruise encouraged me to be bold and to find guys that I have things in common with and then go for it.  You will have to call me to learn more but it was a lot of fun, and I hope he asks me out again.  Regardless, it was nice to have a date.  We went to see the show at Hale Theater Orem, which was hilarious.  You’all know that entertainment-wise live theater is my favorite activity in the whole world.  The play was called Room Service and I guess it was turned into a Marx Brother’s comedy.  The physical comedy of the actors was superb.  Very funny! I didn’t realize that the guy I asked wasn’t a huge theater person but he still enjoyed it.  He had never been to Hale Theater before (I know it is hard to believe!) but hopefully last night’s show was a good introduction.  After the show  we went to dinner and had wonderful discussions. We ended the night with a hug (just a hug for all you that are wondering!) and a promise to do it again soon. We will see.  It is always so hard to tell.  Like I said, it was nice to have a good date.

So, now it is Sunday and I will be off to church soon.  I don’t know how this weekend could get any better.  Aren’t I the most blessed person ever? I certainly feel so today.  My life is amazing, awesome, good, great, wonderful (you get the idea).  Oh, and I am smiling for real! (see below)



2 thoughts on “The Best Weekend Ever

  1. That’s right. It was a good date. Now we just have to cross fingers that he will ask me out again. It went very well but it is always so hard to know. Regardless, I was just glad to have a good date. I don’t want to say his name in case he googles his name because he is not on facebook. I will tell you his initials are EB. That should give it away.

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