Candy Anyone?

I, along with most Americans, am making a New Years Resolution to get in shape.  Even the phrase sounds like such a cliche, but I really am trying.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, I have been setting health and fitness goals with my sister Megan and things went pretty well until in October I got a prolonged virus that through me off track.  Now I am trying to get back on track and all that surrounds me is tons of candy!  I have candy from friends, candy from Christmas, candy left over from Halloween…. Let me ask all of you- is it wrong to throw away such candy? It is seriously tempting me and now I have it stashed in the storage room where I won’t see it.  I don’t want to have it in there for long; however, because I don’t want mice to come. I would give it to friends but then I feel guilty for giving them something I am avoiding.  Plus, most if not all of my friends are also trying to eat healthy.  I feel like that old Humphrey the Bear cartoon where the pile of papers starts out small and by the end of the day it is the size of a volcano.  (If you don’t know what I mean watch this clip, which btw I just learned how to do)-

Anyway, I am thinking of just throwing it away because I figure it is wasted calories one way or another. If anyone wants it give me a call.  Some of it is good candy…Still, once I make a commitment I keep it.

Those of you who know about my upcoming singles cruise might think that it will be impossible for me to keep a healthy diet going.  It is going to be difficult but I am trying to look at the cruise as an opportunity to cleanse my system- kind of like a spa week.  They have a healthy menu at all of the meals, so I will eat off of that and with all the swimming and exercising I can do it should be good.  As much as I love my job it will be rejuvenating to be in a place where it will be difficult for others to reach me.  Ahhhh!  I can’t wait.  Especially with it being so cold here in Utah.  Stupid snow.

I have gone off topic.  So, does anyone want some candy? Call me!


4 thoughts on “Candy Anyone?

  1. I love that Humphrey the Bear cartoon!
    Definitely throw away the candy!!! I gave all our candy to Seth to take to his office. So when Isabel asked me today for some candy I said we didn’t have any. “Where are hiding it?” she asked. I told her we really didn’t have any, but she wouldn’t believe me.

  2. Throw it away! Aaron can hord candy for months and months with out touching it. I can finish off a bag of snickers in a matter of seconds. I find the best thing to do get rid of it- don’t feel guilty.
    Miss you! I am glad that I have discovered your blog. It is fun to read up on the happenings of your life.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement you guy’s. I will throw it out (and actually have already done so). I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty about throwing away junk even if it is junk food!

  4. I know how you feel…I have some left over stuff and I feel so wasteful throwing it away. But then when it sits around my house, I end up just eating it. Boo. I have actually read some of the Book Thief and should be finished this week! FinallY!

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