Going to the Movies Alone

Today dear friends I had a breakthrough.  Do you ever put up barriers around yourself for no good reason?  You say to yourself- “I can’t do that…, I would be embarrassed if I did…, If I do that everyone will think…”.  One of my continuous goals in life is to knock down those barriers and live my life to its utmost.  One silly example is I have never been to a movie by myself.  It’s not that I was scared of going by myself or that I thought I wouldn’t have a good time.  I do all kinds of things by myself including dining, driving, flying, and even vacationing alone.  I am a fiercly independent person and I don’t know why going to a movie alone seemed out of the question.  Part of the reason was no doubt that a movie is something often associated with a date; therefore, going to one by yourself feels fairly lame.  It is like going dancing alone or to a wedding without a date (lame!).  In truth, it is lame of me to feel I need someone at such events.  I want to be comfortable in my own skin.  I don’t want to miss out on life because I don’t have a date, so today I decided to do something I have never done before- I went to a movie alone.

It was actually a wonderful day.  Nothing out of the ordinary- checked a few people into the houses, did errands, ect.  What made it great was I got to go swimming (one of my favorite activities) and then I went to see Mamma Mia (finally I know I mentioned it long ago).  I went alone because pretty much all of my friends are in seclusion today reading a certain vampire novel….

I have been wanting to see Mamma Mia for weeks now and it was hilarious.  Webster’s dictionary defines entertainment as “something that amuses, pleases, or diverts, especially a performance or show’.  On that level Mamma Mia is enormously entertaining and oh the music is so great!  I loved every performance; although, Pierce Brosnan could have used a little more work in the vocal department.  Meryl Streep can do no wrong and Amanda Seyfried is wonderful (they actually look like mother and daughter).  Is it thought provoking- no.  Is it awe inspiring- no.  Will it change your life?- Probably not.  Will it make you smile and want to sing along?- It did for me!

You know what was so funny there I was doing something I had never done before- going to a movie alone- and once it was over I realized that it felt just like any other movie.  While it would have been nice to have had one of my girlfriends or sibblings there, I had a good time all by my lonesome.  In fact, being alone forced me to start chatting with several of the girls next to me who were hilarious.

All in all I learned something about myself- I learned that the only person keeping me from experiencing adventures in life is me.  It would have been easy to blame my not seeing Mamma Mia in the theaters on friends but in reality it would have been my fault if I had missed it.  There is almost nothing I cannot enjoy or experience in my life.  Most of the time I just have to stop with the excuses of why I cannot do it- and just go and do it!

While I am not saying that I wish to experience life alone.  Believe me, I prefer anything with a friend; however, I now also see that I can have a good time with just me.  This realization makes me feel strong and truly independent.  It feels good! Yeah for movies alone!

Here is an interesting article from a lady who gives 5 reasons for going to the movies alone:



7 thoughts on “Going to the Movies Alone

  1. Gotta say, I’ve never gone to the movies alone. I guess the thought had never crossed my mind. In fact, I’ve got a friend whose wife is out of town this week, so we’re going to the movies tomorrow. None of us would brave it alone…

    baby steps out of the office…. baby steps onto the bus… baby steps into the movie theater….

  2. I love the What About Bob reference in Devin’s comment… I needed the giggle today.. Thanks Devin. I’m right there with you sister. As a single mom, I find I have to do a lot alone. My kid is old enough where she is off and running in her own direction. But, I will admit, going to the movies by myself made me realize that I can have the same “fun” at home, for less money, without the “happy couples” at the theatre who represent a part of my life that I dearly miss, and may never obtain again. So, boo hoo I guess…haha. YOU are an incredible woman. I hope someday I can be as wonderful and independent as you have become! You are an inspiration to a skittish soul like mine. Love, Sarah

  3. this is one of the few plays i’ve actually seen, which ended up being great… it’s funny to think of ol’ Pierce taking a stab at singing though, yeeesh

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